Display show eBay feedback score on your website or blog

MyFeedbackScore.com is a free widget to integrate eBay feedback score into your own website by installing just one line of code.

This is a small ebay seller tool which display your eBay feedback score in a small compact badge. Which contain your eBay user ID, Display Top Rated Seller icon, Show total number of eBay feedbacks, Describe percentage of your positive feedbacks, Display Overall Calculated DSR Rating, Display your location like country name, Show your eBay joining signup date and Also show your eBay feedback star by color. with other extra icons.

You can place this badge anywhere on your website to show live eBay feedback score to your visitors.

Here is the example of our free version of eBay feedback Score Badge


However you can select the in 3 pre-define themes for free version:

DARK                                          LIGHT                                       NORMAL

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